The project comes from an idea of the 1910s to better connect villages of the Scrivia and Trebbia valleys to the town.

At the time few roads existed crossed by coaches.

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The project, with a 2400v electrified line and metric gauge track, was designed to have extentions towards Busalla, Montoggio and Torriglia never carried out for lack of funds.

Therefore on 1st September 1929 the "GENOVA-CASELLA RAILROAD", called "The railroad of three valleys because of its course throug the Bisagno, Polcevera and Scrivia Valleys, was opened. 

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The terminals were Genova P.zza Manin station and Casella Depot (24 Km) up to 1953 when the 900 metres extension to the new Casella Village station was built.

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In more than seventy year never interrupted running, the Genova-Casella Railroad has seen basic changes concerning the rolling stock, the the conctat line, the rail, the communication network and the supply sistems of the eletric substation at Vicomorasso.

At the beginning, the rolling stock was only composed by three electric locomotives (001-002-003). In the 1931s three electric locomotives coming from Montebelluna-Asolo (054/056) to the 1963s. In the 60s-70s five electric locomotives coming from the ex "ORA-PREDAZZO" railroad (EM A1-A2-A3-B51-B52), two electric locomotives coming from the ex "SANGRITANA" railroad (L28-L29), four more electric locomotives coming from the ex "SPOLETO-NORCIA" railroad (EM A4-A5-A6-A7), were added.

In the 80s-90s new rolling stock, such as six chopper traction eletric locomotives (EM A3-A8-A9-A10-A11-A12), was introduced.

The power of the locomotives has gradually increased form the total 280KW of the first locomotives to the 800KW  of the latest A11-A12 electric chopper locomotives.

In the 90s, the conctat line was entirely replaced with a double 100+100 mmq conctat wire FS type counterweights system.

In the 70s, the rail was replaced and changed from 27Kg/m to 36Kg/m.

This way the maximun speed increased from 28Km/hour to 35Km/hour.

The communication network was completely trasformed with the introduction, in the 90s, of radio communication systems.

A G.P.S. system with a direct display of the running trains and a radio system to control the Vicomorasso substation from the Genova PM station, were also introduced.

In the 60s, the electric substation, conceived to supply 2400V direct current voltage and including two rotary units, was strengthened with the introduction of the mercury rectifiers coming from the ex "ORA-PREDAZZO" railroad.

This way the line voltage increased to 2600V.

In the 80s, the mercury rectifiers were definitely put aside and replaced with two new three-phase Greats bridge rectifiers (diodes). The voltage increased to 3000V, the current to 800A/unit.

Works and adjustaments are still in progress to strengthen and improve the service that can be commuter or tourist whit istorical trains (L29-C103-C104-C22BAR) and special trains for 

special occasions (weddings-package trips etc.)